Thursday, February 13, 2014

20:19 Sinner Saint, Texas
Waffle House
All Star breakfast
Hot Chocholate

Sinner Saint's "Eye Think" is preferred.

Comedy is the exploits of life in timing and value. The more we value our time the less disassociated we become within our mind. There is always the one gleam or sparkle of inspiration.
Open mic nite is that sparkle. It reveals the biological warfare used inside the botany of its matrix alongside the social plethera of demographic consumptions and altars. Plagues have never covered as much as open mic.
Eye like my thinking and enjoy its splendor. Full view affirmations surround me like a 17 1/2 inch size shirt collar. Eye am buttoned up and starched down. Creased is the logo and sharp is the promo.
Now all I actually need are jokes. I must succeed as this is my next to last job. I am self employed and even I might have to let me go. It's that deep.