Friday, June 20, 2014


*Inspire this manifestation to see the charge of being a community in mind and spirit from the vantage of business as a collective business. The community would be a medical community which through its schooling network of education follows this blue print system:
the culture of a business model through example
education system private funded through the community as a collective
(education system covers data and developments to allow any member to compete)
The Community is called "Family Business"
The Business is Administration
The genre is Medical (which covers health and technology/science)
The student/citizen/member learns administration and health science processes
(they are equipped to compete in a leading career field needing members)
The Community is a paid for community as no one has a mortgage, we paid cash!
(we hired our own community to build the community/paperwork
We Remain Sovereign Through "The Digital Essence Existence Act" which rights us as our own entity/sovereign as a physical being as we represent this entity through digital imprint/digital soul/intellect

SIDE BAR: Currently through digital technology applications a world can be born and its people. The function of the application dictates the steps and movements in and out of the application itself as it connects many parts to perform a solid task such as answer questions, take notes, order foods, medicines and services, monitor weather, dispatch, consultation, health information, and ultimately abundant directions for the one brand application. It becomes the administration office and allows true cultivation to care for the needs of the being/essence/community/member/individual/idea/purpose

10 children transition through a standard public school curriculum and administration from pre-k to 6th grade
7th grade through College these 10 children become community advocates, recipients, and reciprocals as the system is designed to educate the art of "how to learn how to" and "how to apply it to create revenue" a community set up on "The Earning System" and alleviates an indirect step to needing cash on hand as it is designed to aid in removing unwarranted dangers by current systems surrounding this system.

The current problem with education is the focus point of the need of the people through labor and survival, health and capability, and a hint of accountability overlap. The medical field needs help because processed foods, eating habits, chemical imbalances through cause and effect choices and decisions, among other unknown variables of cause are all making certain one thing stays the same and that is your health is your wealth.
The community created 10 children who grew up and learned a skill set that creates wealth by activity.
Technology keeps it all in alignment but the community gives it a place to live and grow and call home. This home remains a fulcrum to life as a 22 year old through the rest of your life learning the system at its honest points and utilize these points to network required travels of the system.

Your home and community have every item of business in general care in physical, mental, spiritual, and commerce. The community banks through itself by process of elimination. The 250 home community represents several million dollars which through existing banking practices and laws about money or commerce it is safe to reason that current system functions work if followed and rightfully so. Investments from simple savings interest are easier to monitor and grow as the need of the community of self sufficiency living keeps the simplicity of companionship at a high and disruption and a pure low. Removing the pressure of toxin through chemical misfire is a blessing to a curse. Your ability to each one teach one so we all know how to do our part reveals exactly the value of intensity or drive to each member. This is not a metric of good or bad but of simple placement for seamless transitioning into a growing community.

We do not have to do anything the world is doing because what we are doing is working with no pun. It's a gospel and a fact. Through digital technology, smartphone technology, internet regulation policies, copyright and trademark policies, and a few others whom make this possible, we are as a community able to make things happen without being trapped by our egos. We create a nest for you to fly away from and if you fall you land at home back in the clouds of grace. You are never homeless and neither is your lineage.

The community is designed as a joyful or serene location and functions as a business park for executive tourists. We are a mall to the world of business for their day to day business connections. We are a driver service community with community members being employees of service. We are the general medical practice community, dry cleaner community, lawn care community, data entry community, gamer community, and so on and so on that we have jobs for every member of our community be it through our own system or the general public system.

We are also a real estate community as we through sound business firm processing acquire dwellings through foreclosures of low low low rates and equip the locations for members private or public. The real estate locations are themed as apartment duplex condominiums or dwellings. These are function only locations. The seating and bedding are of the dwelling. The stationary are of the dwelling. These dwellings are also research and development centers for random documentary purposes or broadcast blogging podcast network purposes of media or entertainment, such as hosting a Wii Competition or Stand Up Comedy recording.
Property is important. Location and position are key. The purpose of our community is to remain functional regardless of the journey. The ride does not have to be rough with pot holes, speed bumps, or abandoned vehicles laid to rest. This ride can be smooth if you stick to the purpose of the system to reach your very own personal goals and dreams for your own mind. Let your life work for you so you can complete your life's work.

We as community have every angle covered and because of our charter of sovereignty are equal to that of a native american sanctioned and casino friendly. We simply represent the casino in a fashion of alternate titles but it is all business. Each community member has the same actual documentation which supports their legal connection to the current system administrators as an American people. We are born valued. The Business makes the money; we just live here and tend the land by making certain this sector remains connected to the current system. It's a book by the cover title and word. The truth beyond any shadows of doubt. Our charter allows us to extend our knowledge base and remain functional inside the wild, outside the wild, in the country, out the country, of the city, from the city, through and through, single, alone, engaged, together, as a team or individual, as a leader or a disciple, we are everything we need and share with you a little more, but keep it all safe and in tact, thus causing no harm. Business as a Religion but disciplined by the word. The word is your action. Your actions are the direction. Your direction is led by your purpose. Your purpose is to serve your word through submission of action in a disciplined movement to serve the purpose and remain in tact and be the word.