Monday, November 17, 2014


DOWNLOAD THE APP from your smartphone or i-phone device and with any special promotion code such as x3gi8 free ride up to $20 or less in what would be a traditional cab fare or driver service. ....dont go over $20 on first ride to get for no cost to you.
 *download the app to phone and use code: x3gi8

Mr.Charles is who I always am in service. I enjoy knowing I can extend to you another option to fight the mental war on disease from drugs or alcohol which plague drivers as well as innocent people who simply travel to see the land or make it home in time to put cuddles to bed. Please consider the many opportunities I extend to you so that there is always a choice in how you travel from day to day, point to point, time to time. We love you enough to share this responsibility in safety. Options for digital reality extensions of ourselves are many. The question now for you new user is does this opportunity or option provide me with the level of respect I need to utilize it?

I do not want you to be bored with adventure. How much easier can technology make it so that you have a way to keep yourself from temptation driving, drinking and driving, eating and driving, make up and driving, making up and driving, getting dressed and driving, sleeping and driving, fighting and driving, sight seeing and driving, and any other style of distracting and maneuvering practices you can come up with because the point is simple. 

Please stop killing everyone else who actually wants to live longer than a car ride to the grocer store for a 25 pack of $.99 beverage water sugar cocktail packets to go with spaghetti night. A night you and dad have finally found a way to share the day again and rebuild in this new life. People have life in their living and it often has moments we only are sharing because we had the means and the ability to connect and bond in a manner that experience treasures and values as priority to knowing you are alive.