Sunday, July 6, 2008


“Dhat Mistah Show”  Dejavu Moment of The Week

I have not given up my search and have rediscovered several items along my way.  I am able and can do anything under the name of God if it is righteous in reason and expression.  I am blessed with the power of prayer and can change a persons life by praying for them the right way.  I am very high on the totem pole of holiness since the beginning of time.  I am to the heart a child of God.  

Thanks for allowing me the time to vent out my thoughts.  I have found myself wondering of my purpose only to realign my reasons with facts of the spirit.  God is…all the time!  Knowing that tiny bit of data recharges me full throttle.  The only thing about my throttle is I get overload and explode with joy uncontrollably. 

I lost a heart this week and didn’t recognize the signs quick enough to let that heart know how I truly feel and why and what I hope to see in the future.  I am now only regrouping my information and putting it in proper alignment for review so that I can see my patterns and opportunities within those patterns. 

Musically I am restructured but not accomplished in the professional genre but am gaining speed.  I only have to complete my basic steps, follow thru with all my heart, and watch the truth unfold!  All I have to do is impress myself and my spirit will be lifted and then the magic truly begins. 

I am so free that my boundaries do not exist anymore other than in my thought patterns which by the way are redesigned to follow thru from the spirit only!  “How’s that for some outstanding developements.?!”

‘Dhat Mistah Show” will have better segments and interviews once I resolve my transportation, marketing, and promoting delays.  Once I resolve these few basic low hurdles it’s on like Donkey Kong hopping over barrels and climbing up ladders! 

Dhat Mistah Show