Friday, August 22, 2008


"Dhat Mistah Show"is brought to you by K.B.G.I. Studios 69 on ya mickey fickey dial! Today we celebrate living life as it allows us to enjoy those precious moment we cherish. Do not waste time with your future if your present does not becoeme a memory you love to recall from your past! There is no time like the present time!

"Drink Responsibly" or else...

I tried drinking. I remember now why I am not a drinker. You guys must love the after effects. Somehow I acquired a hang over from only 3 miller genuine drafts short necks. I did not want to hear anything. I did not want to move. My question is this? When do you decide as an alcoholic that you prefer the pain of the after effects?

"Where is the music going?"

Today we listen to all genre's from snap to trunk to house to dance hall and around the world. The question i pose is when do you decide your music is a commercial or an honest to God message? I as an artist myself I know the pressure involved to lose yourself and comform to the mainstream thought process of mass manufactured money, i mean music. When does money become more important than enlightenment? When did enlightenment lose its edge and purpose amongst the people? Whenever or whatever you decided ask yourself this simple question. "Did God give me the music or did my ego give me the music?"

Speaking of ego...dhat mistah minute was brought to you by...."Flashing Lights" featuring Kanye WEst and DWELE off The Gradutation Album.

"Dhat Mistah Show says..."Know your blessings so you recognize how blessed you are! Until next time...