Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Dhat Mistah Show" The Party

"Dhat Mistah Show" was brought to you by Todays Standards when ol skool and new skool bump heads!" Yeah, I had a members only function this past weekend and I must say I was not expecting the turn out to be the way it was. IT was a good turn out. I also wasn't expecting to feel like a grandpa! The age group was much younger than my own and the girrations were oh so familiar! What I learned most from this function is that I have to replace my equipment. The problem is picking a product that won't malfunction!" Sorry Numark but when i needed you most you cracked on me. Luckily for me I brought both sets of tables. I had a numark dual professional player and then i had my stanton 314's turntables (cd, mp3). I had to run my stantons thru the mic inputs of the numark so that all items would play music.
Note to self, get a 5 channel or higher mixer to avoid such conflicts! Anyway, enough technical aspect lets get on to the party.

Cutta C is the winner by unanimous decision. "Im'a Act an Azz" was the hit for this group, along with , "Halle Berry", "STanky Leg", "Get Money" (Big Tuck), "Bobby B", "She want a Thug", along with anything else that was in the "Krunk" format/genre! Wow! What made me proud was the fact that they acted nutts over a local artist. That's very refreshing!

Speaking of refreshing I need all local artist of Texas Music or atleast Dallas/Ft.Worth/Houston/San Antonio--to get me 2 copies of their music radio edit and non radio edit! The problem i'm having is playing for kids when i know their parents is watching. I can't act like i condone violence or trash talk from youngsters when i myself would feel disrespected If I was spoken to in that manner. So please Texas get your boy the music and also think of both sides of the coin when you make your music. Do you first, then go back and redo it for the rest of us who have to walk both sides of the law! I can be sued if something happens to your child at one of my functions and all they have to say now a days is that "Rap" made me do it!

Well, on a lighter note! I told you I was broke right! Well, it ain't changed! my banks got paid on friday and not me! My new motto is "No More Broke!" I am getting rid of anything broke, broken, or about to break in my life! If it cannot be repaired, resolved, refreshed, it's got to go! Sorry Numark! You were a new edition to the family and twice you displayed the same malfunction. That is sign enough for me. I don't to wait to be embarrassed again to know i need to replace you!

The rest of my functions will be self induced if not invites for hosting other parties. I am your DJ for hire and if you love your radio, you definately gonna get a kick out of me! The real full fledge K.B.G.I. Studios 69 on yo mickey fickey dial me! We got commercials of a 3rd degree and sponsors from another world. We got you covered for your entertainment! We even have guest and interviews that you won't want to miss. So next time you want to DJ your part think of Hatsim Reyet Dhere (as in that's him right there!).

I gotta cleanse my morning and cloud my day so peace out to all, i love you all, as God loves us all! Eternally and with compassion!

"Dhat Mistah Show"