Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"DhatMistah Show" on release and renew

"Dhat Mistah Show" is brought to you by "Release and Renew" matrimonial/divorce services when starting over is the law!" Today's compilation of thought stems from letting go of your old way and renewing your strength by committing to your new way!" I was at work today and took a caller whom reminded me that once i let go and embrace it as a positive thing, I must then continue on to another subject. Her response to a statement i made was her believe of it being negative which prompted her to spill to me a jewel to keep in the treasure chest!" "Whatever it is that you really want, don' treat it so important and know you are going to do great things!"

"Well, I must say those few words reminded me of how to remain at my top and center while greatness takes place, knowing I am doing what is only required to remain great without chasing greatness!" I am greeat while i am great!Thank you ladies n gentleman for viewing this site. The song in my head is from radio and i don't know the title yet or the artist by heart, and her name is even said in teh song. I simply remember her voice and how it's differen't from Lauryns! I like the new voice and wish the old one would come back and if they two can find a third, make a group that will make singing groups bring back the step in our notches! We need a new envogue but long term!
"Dhat Mistah Show"