Monday, September 21, 2009

"Dhat Mistah Show" TuneCore

"Dhat Mistah Show" is brought to you buy "aNother rEason" to live Barbecue Sauce! What other reason could there possibly be?

Today's excerpt is not very worldly at all at this time and is based on nothing in particular( as in it wasn't based on something done to us or said to us). REcently Dhat Mistah Show has decided to advance its opportunity for acceptance in our attempt to accumulate funding for our charity/debt relief program. We have had to make a business minded decision that quite frankly is simply too hard to commit to and remain functional.
Remember when we said the only store our product can be purchased from is via SnoCap? Well we based on numbers have agreed to lift that commitment from the intenorary due to this simple mathematical number! 100%! This new numerical value allows us to completely obtain what's needed to enhance our projects and endeavors in musical expression at a worthy and professional level. We regret having to make this decision as we prefer the term loyalty over anything else as it is our very backbone in the belief system we work under.
We are committed to the loyalty in music creation and expression as well as fair business practices and realize that not all of life will be roses and sometimes it is required to endure the storms that sometimes cross our paths. Due to the response or lack of response from the Snocap STore we decided to branch out and thru Tunecore reach a broader audience in digital sales! We hope this decision does not offend anyone as it is a business decision only.
We do however, retain the right to make the best choice and decision for Dhat Mistah Show and protect it's interests as well as its investors or investments into this program as best as humanly and non humanly possible. -Dhat Mistah Show-

We are currently studying some options for name choices. What we are questioning is should we go with what it makes us feel, or should we go with what most people do is play on words to trick you into listening? Well, we are going to go with what comes to mind first as we attempt to describe ourselves in such few words as possible yet remain self explanatory! These are a few options we are currently viewing at this time. Tell us what you think about:
"Unknown Album"
"The Dj's Perspective"
"M7Bii STylez" (pronounced boogii styles)
"Mai God said eye can"
"Dhat Mistah Show"
"The Divinity Probe"
"3rd Born 5th Dimension 17th Galaxy"

We know what Billboard says but our question is what song or album is carrying you through your good times or tough times reyet/right now? We are currently rocking "Drakes" Successful and "SoundGarden's" Blackhole Sun!

We missed Charlie Murphy here in Dallas Addison Improv this past weekend simply because of the funds not available. Plus we didn't check the roster until too late! IF you know a favorite artist or entertainer is coming to town and we havent spoke on it yet, nine out of ten we don't know yet and need a reminder. Feel free to let us know when you are coming to town and we will be happy to alert anyone else as well!

Eye am so tired of missing that eye need a real hit reyet now! Thanks to my new friend and blogger who has a great blog site on Los Angeles cuisine and establishments. Great read. Metro-Muzik The Union is still going strong setting up showcases all over the metroplex! Eye heard a commercial regarding the promotional of the $100,000 give away for kicking a 50 yard field goal during half time at the State Fair Classic between Grambling and PRairie View. The main thing is that safety should not be forgotten. Especially when you are trying to protect deep coverage! Dallas Cowboys still America's Team but unfortunately reyet now not America's Champions! Dhat Mistah Show is still searching for investors, meanwhile we are selling what we got and taking the hit for it too! Hopefully we can impress you with what little we have and improve ourselves at the same time. Creativity is a must and that will be the only reason you purchase the product. Don't forget we need donations to make a better product for you but more so for the world so that when all is said and done it will be obvious we were not in it for the money, we were and are always in it for the love we share with you! Good night and blessed dreams! Walk High but keep your nose to the ground!