Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Dhat Mistah Show" Keeping Your Dream True


"Eye know this is not actually about music directly, however, what it is about is the mental ups and downs eye have personally taken myself thru to not feel inadequate about my heart, my mind, my body, my spirit, my God, and my truth! There are so many things eye would love to share all the time about what love can do for anyone and everyone. What eye personally want to reveal, if not obvious already, is the fact about what it means to keep your word about what your dream truly means to you."

The point in mind is "why give up a dream" when it's God's gift and promise to ewe! There are so many rules and regulations now that people abandon the heart of life by obeying what man socially regulates as what is success. Truth of it all is when there is no one or nothing to share success with you are indeed not very successful. Truth be told that success does not nor ever has maintained a statute of limitations on what age you are only allowed to be successful. There is no need to limit your mind and heart on what your dream is because it belongs to ewe at all times. The very moment ewe abandon your dream is the very moment ewe abandon living in general.

Dreams have given mankind the heart and courage to set sail into unchartered waters and seek the unsought truth's of what is life. There is not one individual from Earth's existence dhat can honestly say dhat dhey did not dream! When we stop dreaming we cease to recognize the possibilities in what is an opportunity to enjoy what life can unfold to us or reveal. We must dream. We dream to remain calm and peaceful and continue with a reason for our direction. We dream in order to say what we are doing when we are being compared to other's successes or even failures. We dream to know that mabey one day, just one day, we will achieve what is diviniously and rightfully ours. We dream because we are dreams and in the mind of God we interact accordingly. Never ever ever give up your dream for dhat is the same as giving up your right to believe in the Most High God! Dream your dream and make it a good one!

"Dj Hatsim"
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