Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Dhat Mistah Show" Weekend Sports Family Edition

"Dhat Mistah Show" is brought to you by AT&T Wireless and Hewlett Packard when your time is now we got you covered. Today is a beautiful day for family sports and fun. We encourage all to not forget the actual values we share in life and that is love, truth, and the persuit of a good hot dog with the works!" Anyway, take time to have time for each other. Eye'm off to another Xariah Edition sports event. The Lady Angels of the YMCA take on their opponents todays with a 12:30pm game and a 5:30pm make up game. They got their work cut out ahead of them today. Good luck Angels on your efforts in todays games!

Dj Hatsim took some pics with the web cam today. Tell us what you think. We feel fairly confident about our "Tyra Banks" moment if we do say so ourselves. Lol. Give us a look later on via twitt pics or myspace of facebook. Follow the twitter for details.