Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dhat Mistah Show with "Just for Kicks"

Dhis is a test of the Blogging Broadcast system. Dhis is only a test. Should there be an emergency ewe would be notified to contact your nearest center of assistance. Now we return ewe to your standard broadcast entertainment programmings. "Dhat Pep Rally Updated" is a simple freedom based slyce dhat makes ewe come up with your own and improved version. Should ewe declare such simply email us for an instrumental only(put in subject line) and we shall serve ewe dhat slyce. and allow us 24 to 48 hours to serve you as the response is not automated. It's me sending ewe a copy. Check out the soon to be re-recorded youtube version via for "Dhat Pep Rally Updated" and enjoy. We are working with TuneCore to release Dhat Mistah Show Vol I for your enjoyment and listening pleasure. We appreciate all donations as Dhat is how we are supporting this program. Don't 4get to email a copy of your purchase as we are keeping all records of our supporters of Dhat Mistah Show. Check us out from Twitter about Ustream.Tv for live 30 minute broadcasts weeknights. Thanks again folks for sharing with Dhat Mistah Show.
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