Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"DHAT MISTAH SHOW" Relationship and Music

"DHAT MISTAH SHOW" is brought to you by Sserious Relationships Song Writer's Group, when the right song explains it all!
TODAY is one of those days when the reality of how well you love someone has set in.  The ins and outs of a relationship over time should reveal to us all what steps were taken and or forgotten throughout that tenure of expression and validation of authentic love.  The truth be told if you have not learned love by now it is because you forgot you don't know what love is until you have found true, hands down, palms up, without a doubt, there could never be another, where have you been, my heart beats so fast, eye can't control my breathing, eye am in love, love!
  Eye found myself, Dj Hatsim, walking through my history of love found and love lost.  Eye know eye am in love but realize eye have also forgotten the rules of love.  There are so many items one can cover but the most valuable item is "know thyself."  People often fall in and fall out of love simply because they don't know or recognize who they truly are which is sad considering they have supposedly known themselves all their living days.  The fact still remains that often times we get lost in our ways.
  The best way to reclaim knowing who you are is to be alone without deadlines, requirements, hurries, annoyances, and the list continues but the main point is to get a day or weekend that allows you to be perfectly and privately still.  Be still in your mind and venture over every word, every phrase, every gesture, every opportunity you had to show, to display, to express, your affection for the one you told "I love you."
  Once you have went over the data try to recognize your pattern in choices for saying to that person the words "I love you."  How many of them were from your heart vs. how many of them were from your mind to say so.  Did you say it to say it or were you in a place of zen and clarity and through peace you wanted to acknowledge your feelings to the one or ones you love?  
  Whatever your findings are make certain of one thing.  What is important to you about love?  The reason to ask is why use the term if it's not true.  Why say I love you to manipulate or act like you care when you do not?  Where do you recognize that you care about something more than other things?  How many times do you look forward to these things, peoples, or even places?
  The difference in love and I love you is one of authenticity.  Authenticly is the one thing to think of when you say the word or phrase "I love you." Be careful in which direction you throw this term.  There are many of us who believe you and when we find out you do not we can't help but to feel taken advantage of and want some sort of vengeance.  No differen't than saving your money up for your brand new car you always dreamed of just to have someone borrow it and give it back in an altered condition.  You feel they didn't appreciate you or respect you and you wan't to hurt them!  Love is a divine gift that should never be treated as different for that love is the very essence in which mankind mirrors itself. 
  Love has many faces, places, sayings, phrases, actions, resolves, thoughts, likes, dislikes, trusts, concerns, feelings, abilities, chants, moods, cares but what it does not have is the ability not to love! Be true to you and love you the right way and mostly you will love others the right way.  WE often forget we are actually treating each other the way we treat ourselves.  Embrace you and know thyself.
QUESTION: Mistah, I thought your subject line said relationship and music?  What does music have to do with anything you wrote?
ANSWER: Everything.  The above blog is basically how to look inside yourself and write a better song, which will make a lovelier melody to the light in your life.  There is no exact way to love just as there is no exact way to create a song.  The simple point is follow your heart but know what heart to follow!  Everything eye am writing is a song.  Eye simply put it all together in a collage to explain to you what's most Important.  You!