Sunday, October 18, 2009

KBGI Studio 69.0FM on ya dial.jpg

We are Working Hard to be Worthy of your time and attention. Thanks for showing your love. We are moving forward and up as there is no other direction. Still needing sponsorships as our goal is 2,000 sponsors at $20 each to get us moving and stable so that we can then invest in our sponsors with events, seminars, workshops, and charities so that we are taking care of our own as we are together all we have in each other. We at DMS definitely giving 100 percent but have not tapped into the other 10 percent to make this all possible. We may be small but our packages are huge. We know we must crawl before we walk but our passion has us running at an early start! Again, we thank you and bless you(ewe) as that is ultimately the goal, to be a blessing to others. Please help us reach this 2,000 sponsors goal of $20 so that in numbers we can show how effective a little bit means so much of a lot! -Dhat Mistah Show-
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