Monday, November 2, 2009

"Dhat Mistah Show" Restaurant Rants and Raves

Dhat Mistah Show is brought to you by "Parking Lot Love Letters" when dating after the club becomes necessary.  Well it's Music Monday but eye have this picture of me eating and eye wanted to share this segment with ewe personally.  Eye gotta stop eating now and utilize a liquid diet.  Reason is dhat all restaurants went up on their pricing when jobs are not issuing out raises or over time waging.  Eye am at a cross roads between paying a bill or faking my stomach with 2yrs of water.  Eye really am pleading public assistance but no one is listening to me reyet now!  If ewe think eye am worthy of your time, made ewe smile or laugh, or even put something positive on your mind by all possible means please make a purchase of any album option for download from the website.  We are truly on a do or die mission reyet now and are in threat of being shut down.  We know times is tough but any little bit provided honestly keeps us fed.  No album down loads no eats.  So help if ewe can as we strive to feed ewe as ewe help out and feed us.  Thank ewe for your donation of time, comments, money, suggestions, programs.  It great to know people actually have love for what ewe do! -Dj Hatsim-