Monday, November 2, 2009


"DHAT MISTAH SHOW" is brought to you by "Motorola Cliq" and "T-mobile wireless" when you are in the right cliq you connect to those who matter most.  As ewe can guess eye am working on my marketing and promotional skills.  Dhat just so happens to be today's topic of discussion, or series of questions.  Let's take a listen.
"When you call someone is it based on a need or a concern?"  Do you need to express to them a sense of urgency or a matter of concern. Do you need their feedback on a report or a style of fashion?  When you reach out to those who matter most to you do you start out by telling them what is expected of them on the call or do you simply express yourself with a common greeting followed by a request?  Well, whatever it is that you do to communicate to those you care for (or not) has been reconfigured to implicate your status by the device you use or choose. 
  "The wireless industry based on the populus of data needs with sms, mms, texting, video conferencing, chatting, youtubing, facebooking, myspacing, twittering, and all the other available internet 'ing's available have surged a new direction in pricing amongst all the wireless carriers.  Now eye enjoy gadgetry just like the next guy but eye do not enjoy paying for something and getting nothing.  Eye know that the bling nation has reset the standard of poverty to an all new high and has raised the bar of social acceptance back to have's and have not's being at the bottom and has it all being the very top.  When you choose your phone what are you really saying about you or your needs?
"The thing we all need to know about what we are saying collectively to our wireless providers is WE WANT TO DO IT ALL easily, effortlessly, and wirelessly but as quick and fast as possible for the least expensive way available."  The wireless industry may be able to provide you with wirelessly, easily as possible, and as little effort as required to perform a task, however they cannot do it for free!  The saying "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" applies to all wireless industries and providers.  IF we truly realized what it took to create all that we ask for our patience and understanding would be stronger.  However intoday's business market and demand for "who's first" we still struggle as a unit in this area of patience and understanding. We pay a lot of money for it not to work as advertised!
"Whether you are travling for business or personal time make certain your device and provider frequent your areas of travel as best as possbile."  Coverage is great but paying for it isn't always the case.  Features are wonderful also, but can definitely become costly.  When you use the features self educate yourself on their function and purpose or intended purpose.  Don't simply use it because your friends or Mr. Smith up the street has it and you are competing for social acceptance.  Cater your device to your life and or lifestyle and need to reach that which matters most to you!  Remember it's your life you lead and why not use a device that helps you best to facilitate your needs to a better quality of life or lifestyle in living.  Your life is not a competition is a breath you take with every choice and decision you make.  Breathe wisely!  -Dj Hatsim-