Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today's DHAT MISTAH SHOW is brought to you by "BMI ONLINE SERVICES." Eye would try to make a joke reyet here, however, eye'm not feeling stupid reyet now. Eye'm feeling dumber than ever. The reason for this feel of stupidity is the fact that eye know eye should know more than what eye know.

When you are trying to be a professional it is up to you the individual career persuant to know the rules, the regulations, and the processes involved to reaching your goal of accepted professional. The problem at times has to be when you are trying to learn what are the things in which eye should know to be considered a professional.
Well in the music industry you have things such as points, percentages, royalties, publishing, leasing, registration, charting, charts, legalities galore, and social network requirement that the industry still pretends is not required to be considered in the professional arena. There are a list of books that can jump start your knowledge base. Search for books that read in the areas of "ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MUSIC BUSINESS."
ONCE we have read these books of knowledge we must then implement what we have learned. One must be prepared to spend what little money they have to learn this game and how it works. The best thing (in my opinion only) is to recognize the level in which is deemed professional and emulate it as close as you can! Your photo opportunities are crucial but not always decisive in your acceptance. Writer's do not have to look like anything as they are only required to continually and professionally write a hit song.
Master your craft and push the envelopes. IF you are a writer. Write about everything. REad what you have done. Critique your writing. RE-write it all over again and critique it again. You will learn that you aren't as good of a writer as you believed on your first draft. The best writing for me were one's in which eye was simply in the zone and it all flowed out. This type of writing style is tempermental but effective when reached.
There are going to be times when like a trained fighter instinct kicks in and either you have it or you do not have it. There are multiple times in which perfection was not the atmosphere but the mind was perfect enough to find the way through all the chaos. Make certain you can identify the different types of everything you are persuing. The more diverse the broader your search for your niche. Once you have found your perfect fit learn from it the entire time as it is not always promissed to you it will always be fitting.
Eye know eye am a G class artist in regards of lists. Eye also know eye am a G class producer and business person. What eye need to only know is how do eye make certain everything eye produce in music or dialogue remains under my business portfolio of ownership. All eye want to do is establish myself as a show and produce music so that the revenues generated can be disbursed on my show to those who supported me when eye was no more than what we are reading at this very moment! Will eye get incarcerated for campaigning the truth about giving away 50% of my earning's to a lucky winner every year?
LEt me explain it somewhat. Eye only want to make my music and establish myself style as a genre. Eye also want to share my knowledge learned and get others to follow suit and create a movement in opportunity. Eye also want to be an On Air PERsonality. Eye figured with all the other wants eye have eye could do these things next as a catalyst and conduit to establish DHAT MISTAH SHOW.
1. Make music for sale
2. 2,000 copies sold required to produce show
3. once 2,000 copies sold/goal is reached give away percentage
4. use album projects to determine the winner of the give away
5. repeat steps 1 thru 4 for each album produced minimum 5 per year.
6. establish fund raiser parties 4 times a year
7. use permissioned recordings of Dhat Mistah Show to create street buzz
8. establish a catalogue of music creations for industry use's and royalties
9. Broadcast my own web blog radio show as eye search for radio show standard
10. Throw you a party every year that makes you want to come back every year!
ALL monies earned by me Dj Hatsim will go into a non profit foundation to establish a recurring debt free program that works. The purpose is to never deplete the balance so that is grows and ends up at a point in which the interest earned yearly could support the show 5 decades without accruing new revenues. Through music and entertainment we compose a company that will aid in the rebuilding of america's future and that future is the people of These United States.

So IF eye sold 1,000,000 ringtones from $.99 up to $2.49 easily $500,000.00 would be given away to 1 lucky winner! We repeat each project, each album, and each year without stopping. The revenues accrued to DMS will go into a savings account to accrue interest. We do not deplete the balance for any reason. The company is formatted to be self contained and not require a head figure. This module will set up the big show giveaway of making families debt free. Anyway, this is what Dhat Mistah Show is truly all about. So when we ask for your support we are not asking to brush our ego. We are asking for your support in getting as many of us as we can the true support we need. A giving company with a vision and not a taking company stealing dreams!
-Dj Hatsim-