Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Dhat Mistah Show" Eye am Now An Official Prostitute

Dhat Mistah Show is brought to you by TuneCore, Blogger, Hewlett Packard and Google! Who else would let him use the internet!? LEt's get started shall we?

It is official. Eye am a professional prostitute. IF you were wondering why eye would exclaim my findings so publicly let's address what is prostitution. The general loose term, so to speak, is the exchange of sexual favors for money or that which is deemed equivelant of value gauged by money.

IF music is my way of release and eye am putting it up for sale. Eye am technically by definition a prostitute for music is my pleasure. Music is my ergony and eye always hit the G spot! So since eye am now an official digital audio prostitute eye may as well give you what ewe really want, but first, eye need ewe to give me what eye need.

LAdies eye am in need of ewe. How ewe feel about us when we do certain things. What you honestly feel when you first lay eyes on us. What you feel you need and don't know how to ask without being judged for it. Eye need ewe to tell me what ewe need so eye can give it to you! Give me ewe and eye will give ewe we!