Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DHAT MISTAH SHOW on "What's your Application?"

What's your Social Stread or Application?

There is always talk in every genre of creativity regarding which or whom is the better of them all. Today's question is which do you use more or prefer MySpace or FaceBook? Eye found personally that eye viewed MySpace as the virtual internet business card for self advertisement or promotion. The use of MySpace is still relevant in today's society as the society itself has begun its regrouping of metrics thru the use of the world wide web. People daily redefine themselves to a point in which expression is merely $9.99 a month as long as you can pay the bill.

There are those who believe the technology in which all, who by the way ran from being apart of it all, reclaim the new next thing for free. Unless we can regulate the government to only charge for eletricity used from USA to Power other countries eye say it's all free with a cap on price which remains affordable. The only offset of this last statement is with a permanent affordable cap there is no real time data to show where the herd has moved from grazing. Business knows just like Cowboys know, you always want to know where the herd is.

FaceBook has a herd that grew based on real family and lost friends which is how dominant family still reigns in the lives of all today. We too often forget how much we really want the companionship of all those who have impact on our lives and watch us grow. There is a rumor however eye am concerned with and that is paying for having a FAceBook account. If eye pay for having a FaceBook account then eye want this account attached to all major government data bases so that a virtual reality identifier is available on me and my would be where abouts. FaceBook has become a nationally known software media application acceptable by all to catch up to someone they have lost. All it takes is some honest to family profile information (non purchaseable information) and post your profile updating the page in case you are found.

The entire point of this writing is to express and share that no matter how personal or business your need is for using the internet. The need is there and apparently now in this day and age it's not going away. The internet can bring together more families than ever before and bring some of these families peace of mind or atleast sense of closure. WE can honor our loved one's through the internet and only those who are on that in crowd of your page can view your thoughts and memories. The nature of the internet is a home away from home but remains inside the mind of home. We can lose our address books and or phones but now due to advancements we find it harder to lose the internet. It's in the doctors office, the coffee shop, the library, the gas station, the mall, the movies, the club, the stadium, and almost literrally anywhere else you can imagine it being, more than likely it is. Eye am considering becoming the virtual reality ambassador and leave all important information of me on the virtual internet but from a public stand point.

IF eye show pictures of me, cars of me, vacations of me, works of me, then why do eye need a home? The internet page eye post can be tracked so if eye obtain me a business i.d./tax i.d. and keep all my activities based on the internet with exclusion of some immenitites eye being of sound mind and body can officially be my own job for the rest of my life and write off everything about me. Eye can be my own tax write off. IF eye make it my job to blog my life and receive monies for this blog then that means eye can drive up my price of worth. My worth goes up from having less expenses. Example if all of your laundry billings, water bills, eletricity bills, phones bills, internet bills, food bills, entertainment bills, and education bills, could be funnelled adequately into one melting pot of tax write off aka tax refund um big check yes!

What does something like this do for me individually. It let's me get my money back. Eye now live life but not for free. Eye found a niche all else refuse to utilize and it's working for me each year during tax season and it's not illegal. Eye have less stress. Eye am making healthier decisions of food and entertainment as well as environment. Now when eye vacattion eye get paid by companies to rate my experience if they pay me to be in their commercial of honest experiences. What a world we live in.

DHAT MISTAH SHOW: the choices and decisions now based on then of internet useage are geared more toward brands, social application acceptance, and entertainment! Thanks for letting the truth in all men created equal have a place to prove it true! -Dj Hatsim-