Monday, May 3, 2010

DHAT MISTAH SHOW "What's Your Agenda Mistah?"

Dhat Mistah Show is brough to you by...."PEaceful Thoughts for PEaceful Minds" T-shirts and caps! The best thing to do is keep your peace of mind at close range for there are times when peace is disrupted. We only need a subtle reminder that all is good regardless of the appearnce of the play in front of us.

Eye or we rather have 2 youtube channels. Currently there are no new postings. We are gearing up to edit solid interview topics to display to the youtube page which used to be primarily for video blogging of my journey into youtube, people, thoughts, video editing, and more. We have learned all we can learn and are now transitioning the page into a more Radio Friendly and Viewer Friendly page. It's still Youtube's site however the content will be right fit for the Dhat Mistah Show concept of freedom in expression in hip hop! Thank you in advance for being tolerant of our transitioning phase.

Dhat Mistah Show's Album Agenda
We are currently in review of our theme options for introduction of Dhat Mistah Show publishing portfolio. We are currently working thru to post the album projects to online digital stores such as Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and more. Currently there are two dhat are posted and they are "Dhat Mistah Show Vol.1 TEchnical Difficulties" and "Dj Hatsim's" "Please STand By." The next theme option we project at this time will read as "Taking Calls." If you feel there is a better option to coincide with the main them of Radio Broadcast and in the order of our progression please feel free to provide us feedback or comment.
The currently listed album projects will not be available after 2010 and can only be purchaed directly from Dj Hatsim. Due to budget requirements we did not meet our goals to continue funding archived projects.

OH WE ARE EXCITED about our new line of slyces. We are in preproduction phase at this time and we are stoked on this one. There is more fulfillment in the creative process and all that is required is adequate recording engineering and mastering. We are curious if "Make It Earthquake" will be accepted in the club venues. We'll soon see! Throwing up a prayer for California as we hope this song does not bring into fruition such a natural disaster but as for music enthusiasts we are looking to shake the walls on this one. We have no features at this time due to budget again(we can't pay you up front to be on our album projects as our motto is to split the profit so that all concerned parties are covered appropriately equal slices.)but are looking forward to the day when we have all our Dallas Boogii Heroes on the album such as Tum Tum, DSR, Big Tuck, Area19, Lil PEace, Ricochet, Baby C, Cutta-C, Dorrough, Young Hustlas, and much much more.

Well sad to say there is no winner as of yet because there are not enough entry responses to select a winner. The prize will be archived in our giveaway vault and used on a different promotional or campaign unless results of the original campaign is successful. Please keep in mind all give aways and promotions are authentic as mostly they are out of pocket and not someone else's budget. So IF we say we are giving away $1,000.00 best believe we took a long time to save up our money to give it away to you, just so we could create a buzz in the street and get you the public to view this website. We have other ways of creating revenue however it will take your participation for this entire process to be successful. Otherwise eye can easily sit at a desktop computer in my draws and just browse the internet all day posting youtube videos of me doing dumb stuff like picking my nose and flicking boogers rating how they stick to the wall!

We want to thank all who watch us/listen to us via WE are standing by the alert option of using twitter to anounce the show as well as other social network application sites such as facebook, youtube, myspace, and even flixter. Please comment as we need all support even if it's a simple click and 140 character posted response, we appreciate it all! Check out our latest UstreamTV broadcast and listen to the freedom in expression and tell us what ewe think!