Monday, May 10, 2010

"When Faith is Love"

Eye am watching at this moment my entire life lay helplessly on the edge as my love goes thru a series of treatments,diagnosis,and more just so eye can bare witness of Jehova Prince of Peace care for his children. Worried am eye not as we are a spiritually encompassed family and all of God's word applies on our being. Be it righteous or not God always has favor on this family. Gwendolyn Wynette Campbell Williams Starkes Nash Durham Williams is my hero to this world. She ensured her child regardless of his visions and attributes kept his faith in love, truth, honor and respect. She always let him know the best way through any hard time was best served in the full armour of The Most High God. "Keep believing in him(God) son, cause he will never let you down!". There are so many novels to be written to remind us all about God's grace on us and his love within all. My only wish is for my angel to this world to bare no suffering and that respect in treatment recaps with courtesy and comfort. We the world should recap to ourselves in reflection how great it is to be able to command of ourselves the basics of any thought or function of life. Breathing, blinking,speaking,waving,laughing,snoring,tinkling,talking,tasting,tapping,walking,running,counting,hugging,hopping,hooping,hollering,handing,trotting,whistling,watering,showering,singing,smiling,giggling,blushing,shucking and jiving are merely a handful of all we take for granted in the course of our routine of the day. Enjoy what you can lovingly as life's embrace takes one breath at a time. "Open Heart-It's not just a surgery!" -Dhat Mistah Show-
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