Friday, July 16, 2010

Dhat Mistah Show "Desperately Needs Your Help"

Dhat Mistah Show Financial Status Announcement.
What U are about to read is fact and not fiction. What has been proposed as a resolution for The 2500 Group has not been taken at its word. These next groups of words are those of a broken spirit giving a final plea for assistance from all sources of existence. Please read knowing You have an opportunity to save a good guy before it is not an option.

Dj Hatsim's Letter to FaceBook Family and Friends reads:
Eye am posting digital music compilations online for download. These are HomeStudio productions directly from me the artist. Eye lack in sound engineering and can't pay for professional assistance. Because of this very fact eye have thunk and thunk and thunk and thunk(prayed) and came up with 7 ideas but only 1 does not require spending more than $20 a month tops! The 2500. Eye just looked at my account and on a pay day friday cannot (like many others)pay any..ANY...of my bills as eye'm in the Negative $400+. When the next pay period arrives eye will still be in the negative. Eye don't have gas money or toll money to even make it to work the next 2wks. Online cash advance options are no longer an option as dhat only delayed my inevitable. Credits not worthy and my family is suffering severely. Suicide won't help as eye couldn't afford to keep paying life insurance premiums. All eye can do is keep making music in hopes dhat one day or one song will be a sonic blessing enough to be purchased by masses or atleast 250 people. Eye love The World and am absolutely at mental bottom and looking to all my family and friends simply because eye have nowhere else eye can go. Anything u do in terms of support is more than appreciated and trust my eyes are welled up knowing eye have become a charity case. Eye have no more pride or ego to be shamed in putting it all on the altar as God is my witness and U are my people. If u know me u know eye'm if nothing else completely honest. So when eye say this is how eye eat,it's the God's Honest Truth. to purchase or use donate option on widget. Eye am with pay pal as for donation assistance. Call me and confirm using 817-501-2190. Eye have great ideas but no funding or support group to launch them. The Japan pitch is a long shot because if eye can't prove it works 1st they have no reason to believe me. Eye'm trying everything legal and want to keep it dhat way! Thanks for hearing my voice by reading my word as all my faith in God is the very air eye breath! God breath at a time which for me is enough reason to continue breathing until eye can no longer breath. Mr. Charles DeShawn "P2ThaNutt" "Charlsey Cat" "Shawn-Shawn" "Dj Hatsim" "Mistah Boogii" "King Deuce" "Uncle P-Nutt" "Deucie" "Dos Telefonos" "Chucky2Phones" "GodInTraining" "God Is" "Mr. L.E.E." "EyeDoLuvEwe" Williams of Hamilton Park-Tripple D-Aggtown Arlington United State of Texas USA brother and child.
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