Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tweet from @DhatMistahShow

Dhat Mistah Show on "Relationships" Do U actually know why u are in one and why they are with U? What do they like most about U. Name 5 things ur partner likes!
What eye learned from my own mistakes is to know that learning the other person takes knowing who ewe/you/U are/r. Don't judge any relationship without gathering all the data required to make an honest and fair assessment of the relationship. People have all sorts of reasons for speaking,responding,reacting,revealing,relating,relaying their thoughts,hopes,dreams,wishes,wants,desires,fears,joys,dreams and goals. Share as much as possible and always be the supportive friend first because lovers come and then go but a true friend is eternally so a true friend. Know God to know U and each other and most break ups are agreements of overstanding opposed to breaking up over misunderstanding.
What do u truly know of ewe to know dhat ewe can judge. Perfection is in the process of creation and most authentic relationships are built over time and events and not things or looks for those can be removed. Build the foundation wisely and be free in the process. Allow one another to be themself or themselves so dhat no need to hide or lie can take precedence in the relationship. Be who u are meant to be and dhats who U are supposed to be for right reason and for the right person!
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