Sunday, July 11, 2010


DHAT MISTAH SHOW is brought to you today by "SPONSORED TWEETS" and "TUNECORE.COM" IT'S HOW EYE AM MAKING MY LIVING. The purpose of this web blog radio show and format is to establish an opportunity to grow and excel in measures beyond the obvious. This excerpt and actual page format will soon transition itself with a more professionally accepted appeal. The reason is for accessibility and convenience as the work ethic is complex within itself. We are only seeking to keep you inspired or informed of what can be within achieving a dream or goal for one's life or and lifestyle.

Today eye have no guest appearances or video to post for this segment, however eye am tenured in experiences and can handle this solo for 20yrs straight before having to mention others. Hip Hop has not only emerged into the lives of community and service but has ejected the notion of being a fad! This so called former fad has emerged millionaires and celebrities like no other. This combined with latest technological advances has allowed home studio producers and even artist to completely take and maintain full control of their sound, their career and even iamge. There are so many positives from Hip Hop dhat the negatives do not overshadow the shine dhat hip hop has catapaulted to the cosmos and atmosphere. Today thru hip hop an artist can produce a track using a software program such as Fl Studio/fruity loops, record themselves with programs such as Cubase, and upload their final product to online stores and sell their music directly to their fanbase specifically as they meet their exact need of their initial fanbase before transforming into general population of stardom. 2,000 copies sold can earn an artist anywhere from $15 to $25 thousand dollars. The reason is simply due to the freedom dhat hip hop allows any artist or artists to search and explore and discover and still maintain its root sound and protocol of hip hop music. We all have room in hip hop regardless of specifics in tastes or acquired tastes just as steak is steak regardless of how one preferences the taste it provides to it's individual consumer. We all eat!

2,500 supporters required for this business module. We the 2,500(the Following) donate/purchase $20 thru each month for 36 consecutive months. Each month represents an album which falls under the same bar code of DhatMistahShow. The monies are funnelled to a savings account under a non profit trust account. We perform our tasks thru the website for several reasons which generate alternate revenues from other sources simply by visiting the web site. All monies generated by Dhat Mistah Show are funneled into the trust. The trusts purpose is to grow only and never be withdrawn from. We "The Following" will contact the radio station on one agreed day a month and request a single from the Albums. The result induces others to buy the albums or singles,radio publicity from song airing and being requested to be played,little to no expense in overhead as a united company,the credentials necessary for bank loans we need and use to buy other existing businesses which will make us more money! We "The Following" become self made entrepraneurs and are now financially free.
Here are your numbers. The formula is 36(albums) multiplied by $240yrly($20 x 12 months) for 3 years equals $720 x 2,500 which summates a $1,850,000.00 in a savings account growing interest.
2500 people speaking about the same thing creates a buzz and establishes a precidence. We have collectively have our own job's as we are our business. We are even in position at this point to maintain our progress and only grow in value. How many people actually own a business?
If you research these steps ewe will find dhat it's a fool proof/solid module. What ewe do not find is room to cheat this model. This module is based solely on True Business Respect protocols and procedures. If ewe are looking for a quick fix opposed to a resolution to your financial concerns ewe need not participate. The module is to assist one with keeping a real job for three years as it developes itself. This module is perfect for the at home mom, college student, single parent, unemployed, pan handler, and more as it's process only requires accessing the internet once a month and placing a phone call once a month! We'll talk more later. First things first. Do ewe want to be apart of something that changes the world, the community, or your life?