Friday, October 15, 2010

So Eye Can Be A Man

Eye recently lost my mother to Cancer. She left $$$ to me and my sisters.
Eye am looking to invest in something that grows in 90days to 6months if left untouched. Eye need it to grow so eye can fund a project called "The 2500 Group" as well as my near future retirement needs.
Is there anything dhat allows me to invest 25,000 and not lose the 25,000. All eye am looking to do is invest this money in a fashion which allows me to quit my job to go to school full time because eye am older (41).

"The 2500 Group" is this. It will be a non profit entity with a savings & Trust. All monies made via my music goes into the trust/savings for growth purposes only & no withdrawls ever. Purpose of this concept is to establish a capital base which only grows without compromise.

The Process is to obtain 2500 people to buy my music once a month for 36 months in a row.
Eye then invest the capital in a franchise option like McDonalds. The profits from the Franchise will sit in another Savings & Trust for growth purpose only as well.
When successful eye will have the ear of Major Labels whom will want to take advantage of media exposure for such a process,which eye can handle. My objective from a major label is to get a budget eye can use to make a movie so eye can release a SoundTrack score. Eye then use the professional movie to place on my Youtube page(cut into editable sections of 10mins each) so my Google AdSense account will generate revenues.

Every 2500 copies sold eye will raffle off $10,000 to one winner or split amongst 5 winners. The $10K comes from me the first time and then from sales there after. Eye get 36 album attempts before having to create new musical or album projects. Using at average of $45 to $50 per album eye only need $2K a year to reload albums.

Eye am aiming to be the 1st record label who invests in its support base. Todays labels only take but none give back reyet/right away.

Mr.Kramer eye'm writing U because of what eye can see and feel as brutal honesty in investments. Ur tenure in monies and movement will see what type of program eye am running.

Basically eye want to use digital technology & the internet so eye can work from home and enjoy my children. While eye have the opportunity eye will attend school for sound engineering and Broadcasting.
Please Mr.Kramer what can eye invest $10K to $25K and inside of the year be fully invested to where the original investment is the only investment?

Dj Hatsim of "The 2500 Group"
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