Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"What Did Eye Vote Today?"

Taking out time to acknowledge dhat eye only know what eye experienced eye am positioned to speak on the voting experience. When one does not obtain all the data required of whom they are selecting via the process we all suffer. Eye personally would prefer the exact same list and ballot to be on a governmental webpage dhat each representative has to register and place their platform agenda covering 3 areas of concern by the public.

The reason for such a request by this voter is the simple fact we have no way of making an educated selected without all the required data to complete a healthy selection of the given process we have known as voting. There were so many judges in districts of Texas without all parties involved eye had no way of knowing if they were the reyet person for the position. Eye personally don't agree with voting one side or another more so than voting the reyet person for the position. Politics is a chess game with checker players and we the people need to regulate the board this game is being played on by standing up for what is reyet as an adult and stop acting like selfish brats simply because we claim to be American.

The views of this writer are solely mine and eye stand behind each and every syllable,consonant,vowel,adjective,pronoun,noun, adverb,direct object,and esclamation as eye am my word and dhat is bond.