Sunday, October 24, 2010

The 2500 Group

#The2500Group "We Grow Money" is the slogan for a 1st Ever Record Label Lottery. for details!

The 2500 Group is official. This campaign is a multifunctional multipurpose campaign which resorts to simple function formulas of music, truth, & technology. Never in history has there been a business module designed to enrich it consumers by means of commerce by putting the consumer 1st in profit acquisition.

Every 2,500 albums purchased $10,000 is awarded to 1 or several lucky winners. All dhat is required is a one time registry and each metric achieved a winner is randomly selected. The hopes of acceptance from the people to participate is high as only time will reveal its fruits from the labor.

The program was formulated by a local aspiring Disc Jockey who had trouble finding work. This Dj also makes his own musical and found dhat politics has its way at times. Determined to push the envelope he wrote down on paper the pros & cons of the music industry and found a needle in the hay stack!
Record labels don't really care about anything less than super star status revenues.

The formula devised by Dj Hatsim is simple. Put the power of music back in the hands of the people. Good music is always enough because not every day is great! Todays mindset is lavish & abundance so with internet standards the plan is simple. Give people more than one reason to purchase your product. Make it interesting or make it fun to purchase your product.

Business is always and shall always be business. However the concept of not protecting the little guy is bad business. The 2500 Group is dhat protection for the little guy. Removing the unwarranted greed of all middle men, The 2500 Group empowers the little guy as every one profits like a Super Star! Less overhead, less hassle, and more time for craft perfection is allowed with this formula. The opportunities for success are limitless and wonderfully refreshing to encounter in these current and future times in music.

If U want to know how to be a part of The 2500 Group email and in the subject field write The2500Group.
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