Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"My Relationship is Now Ruined"

CICO AUTO SALES of Dallas 11050 HARRY HINES BLVD has completely lost my respect along with my efforts to Promote their business as they did not recognize the scenario they placed me in. Long story short due to their own business practices the vehicles they place for sale are not checked out just merely sold. The vehicle eye purchased from them was missing its check engine light bulb and therefor at time of sale eye was misled on the sale 4 had eye seen a check engine light appear eye would have had them find out why. Since eye bought it on November 8th 2011 (4 a job eye lost) eye have paid nearly $2,000 in repair and it all pertained to a check engine light. The vehicles censor assembly,harness,computer, and fan were all out of whack. The censor assembly wires were melted! "Hmph!" Imagine dhat! Eye attempted to consult with the auto sales company which only met in resistance and a "tough luck dude" attitude! Well, like eye said earlier eye really know how to pick em! Dj Hatsim