Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where Eye Should Be By Now

The process of progression measures the agenda and the will and mindset to maintain a degree of focus in obtaining one's goals or goal. The authority within each of us allows us to with confidence absolute the mission of such goal. When there is no assurance in a delivery the focus becomes blurred and possibly lost.
Where eye have made my errors in my ways is losing focus. Eye actually had an $82,000 opportunity to successfully produce an album however do to a bleeding heart eye simply chose to pay my debts to financial society. DHAT MISTAH SHOW is how eye am living at this time. Eye have no regular paying job, and a mortgage of $86k remaining and a car note of $11k remaining. What eye believe happened was the one thought settled in which turned my mind around thus my vision of focus.
All eye had to do was take the persecution, produce the album, pay my fines, and fees for the album and get in my hooptie and drive around the metroplex trying to sell atleast 7 copies per day minimum from a 2,500 batch of DHAT MISTAH SHOW.
It seems simple however, when you actually care about your responsibilities and always searching for the way which does not impose your wishes upon others circumstances, your conscious mind begins to weigh more than your desired mind. $230 helped me to lose my job and get in debt by an additional $11,000.00 plus $2,000 in repairs within 60 days. Wow....when time allows you to calmly track your ways it's seems so crazy to recognize how simple a choice was that did not get made.
My findings from the series of events which led me to this entry simply remind me and reconfirm one simple thing. The persecution of your hearts desires must be met as the captivity of your mind will bind you from making another move if you let it. Place your hearts perspectives in order and follow the leader and dhat leader should be the agenda and plan to obtain your goal regardless of what others feel you should be, do, or become. You are your destiny and no one else can make you follow you! It's your responsibility!