Friday, September 23, 2011

Eye Drive for Gas by Charles Williams

Charles Williams Limousine & Consierge is looking for 365 members and remain member based for optimal reward of services rendered.

Rent me 1 day of the year for $250 up to a 12 hour day. Sundays thru Thursdays 6am to 2pm & 8pm to 3am.

This daily rate excludes tips, holidays, & main events such as weddings, proms, & Special Request bookings which bill as $150 per hour.

This daily rate is excellent for clubs, dinners, luncheons, networking galas & functions. Impress your clientele with consierge & luxury as your way of displaying appreciation for their time and confidence in your business.

Call or Text 817-264-7554 Do not be discouraged by our Radio Station Greeting. Please leave a message.