Sunday, January 22, 2012


Businesses of service cater to courtesy and gentlemanly respect. It is customary to tip the staff member whom genuinely takes care, caters to, or manages your theme of luxury living.
Case in point. A basic limousine drive picks up clients from one address and reaches one destination and then when required returns to the start address. This type of drive is common & placed on a flat rate billing of time & miles involved.
The request involving multiple stops is itenorary and is not calculated as flat rate.
The average drive and theme is from 4 to 6 hours of service not including preparation time. Due to all reasons involved such as start time, traffic, passengers, wait time, fuel, detail & maintenance, per hour billing is used ( 50% to reserve date/balance on date or before drive) The billing can stem from $65 per hour up to $250 per hour due to people, vehicle, & availability.
The driver's first priority is safety and liability, then leisure & comfort. The driver has the trained experience in the areas of fun as well as safety. The driver at best and at his/her least is caring for you to enjoy your life, as you are in his/her hands.
It is completely customary and standard that each passenger tip the driver.
What you do not realize is your driver more than likely was paid $40 on average to drive you. A driver should receive a minimum tip of $10 to $20 per passenger.
If you are ashamed or private person then use an envelope with the drivers name on it and hand it to him/her. Use it as donation expense (consult a cpa or IRS) on your taxes.

Luxury Driving is a wonderful treat and much fun when all is safe and sound to do so.