Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Earth Day to Me

This Friday dated August 3rd, 2012 my entrance into this realm & dimension was official many full moons ago. I in my own tradition celebrated this life by baring gift to my Earth guardian whom has returned to the source of Light.
I in these passing two years have broken my world down to build it back up.

Share with me this new vision as I continue in life as one whom gives in service of heart, service of joy, as well as service of comfort. I give knowing I may not always be accepted or received. It is better for me to give.

I give of me my music business, my Dj business, and my Limousine business and in return I ask for honesty, respect of service, opportunity to grow with you, and a kind word to one whom could benefit from my giving.

This is my life I give
Charles Williams