Friday, July 27, 2012


The persuit of fulfillment has turned into an aspiration of debt removal. One of the top chosen methods has been the completion of higher learning courses & programs. My curiousoity has led me to ask is higher level education or higher learning no longer the same?

Currently I am reintroducing myself to continued education and all required steps for success. What I am learning is how misdirected I can become due to fatigue & needing acceptance.
The process requires detailed & privied information, school slection, troubleshooting, & of course alot of financial stability, if being a full time student is the goal. My personal concern is selecting the right program in general.
It's 2012 and election season. This is a season of policy revision. This may be my financial burial when it is all said and done. Financial aid & current economics are possibly cats and dogs which means they are more than likely going to make me take out loans so that I can get a better shot at having a higher paying job so I can pay back the loan. Lol.
Higher education to me is higher priced learning.