Sunday, October 14, 2012

Attitude Tour

Sinner Saint's "Attitude" Tour

I was the quiet, shy, open minded, nieve, loving, sweet, slow, deep thought, frustrated, poetic, prophetic, obedient, reserved, liberal, free spirit, momma's boy, self therapeutic, timid, comedic child up until 49 seconds ago when I turned to the Darth Side.
I simply choke the ship out of you and attach a parachute to you with ankle weights around your wrists as I fathom your struggle to open your shoot as I drop you off a 1 story building.
The End!
The coroner report will reveal an Arizona cactus in your rectum, rusted nails in your stomach, and eye's shut from dried siemen skeetage from a squirrel named "Toronto Johnson" nick named "Balls Out" Two Times or Bo Bo for short, and the tatoo of a cotton swab above your plumbers crack with the caption "cotton's candy"

I'm not angry either. I figure since my good guy isn't worthy of amicable respect why give away my respect.
Now that I am about $$$ only, I don't have to care about alot of things like,
1. Fries or Tots
2. Slimfast or Protein shakes
3. Doggy style or 69
4. Redheads or Hazel eyes
5. Valet parking or limo srvce
(When Im rethinking I ref me in 3rd person as dhat/dhis ngguh or this negguh here)

Reference the truth about my memory, my phobia's, my belief in The Most High, my convictions, my testimony, my wives (whom I didn't even know I married, ie work wife, pta wife, soccer mom wife, church wife, grocery store wife, Valero wife, Halle Berry, Sade, Lynn Whitfield, Karen Washington, J-Lo, Angela Bassett, Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Garner Beal Anniston, 80's Oprah Black dress Hocks shot...Kuhh Paowwuh, Internet Porn wife.
I had no idea I had so many wives!
This is why if you ask me have I ever cheated..the answer is always yes.....
If I fantasize about you in costume, or alter ego, outside your normal kuffing with a stranger, and dhats why its exciting!

Think about it. Your adventure was not knowing and learning, exploring, researching, your mind, my mind, your body, my body, our bodies, my tongue, your tongue, my balls, your asshole, its all adventure.
Your marriage mind ends up saying fuck this, only when it doesnt show changes to appeal to the adventure.
One of you may have said..."fuck adventure" I need peace & calm.
Bro...if you dont get your peace/piece & calm early or pre-menopause...YOU ARE FUCKED! YOU HEAR ME! U r F....UUUUU....CEEEE....KAAAYYYY...EEEEEE.DEEEEEEE! Fucked!
Sleep time hot
Sleep time cold
Sleep time in the garage bcuz she say u snore

Let Me Help Yall Out on sumn
1. Boys are taught by older women for a very long time, in the areas of behavior and expectation.
If he had the right teachers you come along and fuck it all up with dhat young shit.

Why?: The older woman trained him for his mrs. Right who most times aint right until she's older.
He as a boy learned to love without lust of the body, thus it was a purer love.
Boys going thru puberty get stuck on hot, but the imagination is off the charts, thus his creativity in bed flourishes.
All he needs is redirecting influences towards revenue accrual & harvest, along with increments of release, but......if not careful...he'll end up fucking ya momma.