Saturday, October 20, 2012

In My Deep

In my deep
i sleep wide awake for the bakes
grandma fern
love when she makes
cause all i gotta do is take
my turn
not burn
my hand
so hot from the plate
i skate on
sparks fly
so cool all day long
in my mind
i do my best
my might
so strong
only to the sound of a gong do i quiver
is it over
no no
there's the river
its flowing
my life is growing
inside my heart
a mur mur
im tall as lou al
roar like the cat
im stuck
box got me
im love all over again
im in
count me
down for the play ground
rules are correct
game in check
turn around jumper for the vette
core me best
im on
im in
i win
now for the game
back at home
uno! you we do ..its true..all day...we move...then groove...its two...this true!

written by M7bii Stylez while listening to Bilal's "All That I aM" on youtube