Wednesday, October 17, 2012


2:20am awaken
Debate 2

Shutdown laptop
Switched position east to west
Fall asleep

Inside classroom
High school
I left my classroom & get confused trying to find classroom 234/232(my room)
I was advised to look for red door/hinges
I was told im panicing
I agreed & calmed down as I continued search for room
Im outside now
Many people
I spot familiar faces to me
Jamal & Ambition

Approaching Ambition
Asking him for his shoe size
Security member blocks me
I try to communicate im friendly to family
I ask Ambition is it 13, 15?
He said yeah, thats it and laughed in a smile
Ambitions black feathered shoes/feet

Crowd drops to ground
Look up
Construction crane swings dangerously
Copter of construction men shooting nails in blanketing fashion over the people

Panic & despair

Transitioned myself for safety
I see them doubling back
I moved to safer spot
Hear them say target vanished into thin air

This was a dream after falling asleep viewing presidential debate on youtube.

I believe a particular attack is going to take place on a campus by USA govt/military in belief no media will capture the actual event in progress.
Specific Target not found/known.
I do recall thinking to myself, "why aren't they shooting back" ... There were a few whom had white rifles.