Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I WISH A MOTHER LOVER like myself would simply get one absolute, sexy walking, body talking, heart throbbing, mind blowing, ankle bracelet wearing, suculant toe and arch stepping song or movie with me as a headliner to simply record everything I actually want to say to each and every single one of you that makes my mind say what it really thinks!

We as a societal demographic have clinched on to the absolute story line of Reality Television programming.  The original version I ever witnessed was excellent on MTV's THE REAL WORLD. I had the hots for Julie Gentry from Birmingham, Alabama. She was my type. Sexy with a true to life feeling innocence about her.  Everyone enjoys the profile of someone.  The eyes, the hair, the voice, the expressions, or catch phrase and method of celebration.  What is obvious is the fact we are all entertained one way or another when it comes to view. 

The unrelentless and superficial anectdote of life is the vanity required to maintain and retain an actual atmosphere or demographic of insecurities required to obtain and orchestrate a level of popularity such as the millions upon millions of viewers today who have chosen a program and intrigued their minds to a point in which removal is unheard of.  There is no way in the world an individual on either of these programs should beleive in the fairy tale for less than a six figure salary up front simply because its an automatic 2 season show as long as there is one diva, one athlete, one roughneck, one princess, one drunk, or one light racist or scientist, and not to mention one phobic.

I want to do a reality show and it simply goes like this.  Place me in an office as a Theraphist for Extremely Beautiful females and push record as I interview them as best as possible to obtain the deepest secrets, thoughts, or just simple questions of childhood fun and awakenings.  The object of the show is to remove a cast member each in chronologial order of breach of confession.  Each beauty must remain confidential to all questioning by me the THERAPHIST. 

What I do as the THERAPHIST is create exercises that place each one in a position which fuels their mind to speak on the questions and answers made and received by me the theraphist.  The purpose of this entire show is beautiful television, human behavior, moral behavior, critical thinking, and athleticism. 

The cast consists of one aerobics instructor, one health teacher, one tennis player, one golfer, one swimmer, one amateur body builder, one doctor or nurse, and one attorney or police officer.  These brilliant beauties will participate in these random games

1. Dominoes
2. Checkers
3. UNO
4. Boggle

During the entire process of the game these lovely ladies are required to maintain their composure during the entire game.  Their blood pressure will be taken to get a balance of calm to establish each individual range for each contestant.  This will be taken at their calmest.