Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sinner Saint "The Movie"

That's exactly what i am going to do with the remainder of my days of breath.  Write, produce, and perform as much of this project as possible and make certain it simply shows the variabled ways in which do it yourself carries you based on your dedication to knowledge, ability to manifest, and the commitment to success required.

Simply it's like this.  I see life in movie form.  Thus I have a mind for developing a movie and enjoy it.  Why not combine the false reality with the variabled reality and fusion a new beginning in something as simple as reality television.  What happens when reality television gets in the hands of the public whom has much more detailed data of their personal life and transcends this data into reality movie do it yourself style.  This fusion will show the steps taken by the film makers trying to make a film. 

Genius.  Hardly.  Courageous? Absolutely. What else would I do with thsi life?

Sinner Saint