Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Mr. Charles Proposal

The Mr. Charles Proposal

Provide a percentage break to all sales made by computer companies whom provide ISD equipment to all school districts which are tested low, or syllabus is dated, and a list of other weak points in the education system based on equipment for student learning.

These tablets for learning have government chpis in them for antitheft, aftermarket, sale attempts, thus making the devices useless other than in the classroom for the designated school or school district.
All these tablets for learning are at the end of each school year are updated, tweaked, maintained based on academic requirement.
If appropriate the actual tablet can be assigned to a student as incentive and upon graduation with a minimal gpa of 3.2 the students tablet for learning receives up to date software programs and 6 years of continued education credit for keeping the device up to standards and giving back to their individual school system.
Each student returns and mentors a student with similiar marks and interests.
The computer companies will receive 85% write off of each dollar per dollar sale for each tablet for learning sold to each independent school district and education systems under standard.

This basic system of supply and command will initiate a new format in education transition as inside of 8 years becomes the standard in education reform to increase education performance at the middle school to high school level thus promoting more students into collegiate academics.