Thursday, October 4, 2012

Watching The Presidential Debate


I am listening to all the information and theory on how to bring back more jobs, balance budgets, increase programs on education, energy, and more, but no one no one idea has told me how am I going to increase my business. My vote is for change which first starts with the mind and often includes audio and visual.

We the people see a change in how we are being spoken to and handled. We the people know we like bright lights, bells, whistles, and shiny things. We know we are easily misdirected and that life is hard to live.  What we do not know as the people is why is it so important for we the people of these united states of america to not fix the actual problems of this great nation without trying to make sure America makes a profit from doing so?

What is the real fear America? Education is a perfect example.  All school systems can be linked in with (the entity) and (the entity) and institute up to date learning.  Bill Gates has the right idea, but all communities have the exact same opportunity to update this system.  If everyone has their need fulfilled the only thing to monitor or police is behavior.  Remove the cause of initial unlawful behavior by ensuring we all as the individual mind has a worthy occupancy of time.  Meaning, if I have work to do, or time and money to spend with my actually family base and share with each other I in turn minimize unwarranted unlawful acts (using unlawful very loosely here). 

35 years ago as a child in my community/neighborhood I could actually walk out the front door with no bars on the house, door unlocked, keys in the car with money on the floor board and come back hours upon hours later even a few days and everything is just as it was left.  The community as a whole had its general needs met and everyone was doing their thing be it family and community, or personal and private.

I want to see America simply for one complete year simply to document and monitor which plan to facilitate a new system which governs itself by its own simple checks and balances which are in place simply to allow circulation and maintenance which keeps the system operating without hiccups.