Saturday, September 29, 2012

Charles D Williams

I am listing this so I can refer all candidates to this post to review what I tried to reveal in person, on twitter, on facebook, on myspace, blogger, blog, and

I am seriously trying to simply live my dream and pay my bills. I have only 2 options that allow me to do so. One option is thru music production, creation, and royalties for songs published or streamed.  The second option is through my limousine service which currently exists unless I get more clientele to balance out me spending over $25,000 in this process.

I am out of petty cash, favors, hook ups, freebies, and at costs capital. It's my fault it happened but I had to learn this the hard way.  Now that I have a clearer mind I need authentic support. In return of such support I will accomodate those who support me in this quest of growth in business.


The process of the program is to establish a member base of 250 members up to 2500 members. This compilation of individuals is are the true backbone of this program and are priority in  appreciation practices of this company highly due to the trust and vision of investing in the program at its initial start up.

Currently as my living I create music and I drive a limousine.  I opted to discount a fixed number of limousine rentals to those who actually make an album purchase of "IN THE LIMOUSINE: BY DJ HATSIM release date April 23, 2012 which can be found on I-Tunes, Amazon mp3, Spotify, and a list of other digital online stores.

If you go directly to Itunes to purchase the album project that is perfect. In case you need a review click on this link or type into your web browser of preference and visit the last album listed on the website which should read as "In The Limousine" by Dj Hatsim.

The purchase shows us your support effort and enables us to do many things to create specifically our support base a number of preferred events.  However, first thing is first.  The process we are establishing permits us to cater to our DEDICATED  members who know the importance of what we are doing.

Once a purchase is made a text is submitted with date and time of purchase.  We then monitor for such purchase in our royalties review.  Per $10 you spend received on our end is $7 after the process is completed from the online sales purchase.  This purchase you made is not only returned to you with a discount in limousine service, but it also puts you in a raffle for an even bigger return on your investment purchase.  The dollar amounts vary by quarter and are based on total participation.

All sales are dedicated to building your businesses.  Oh that's right. I hadn't said it yet. Well, I decided to simply make all participants part owner in these two businesses with only one requirement and that is the support from the options provided in this document, posting or memo's. 

There are plenty of details to paint you a more vivid picture of the concept here.  I will say it in this simplified manner. When you purchase a cd from Dj Hatsim your name is put in a hat for a drawing, you receive discounted limousine service, you also receive rewards from the limousine service.  What is sought out here is a total member base of 2,500 members maximum.

The 2500 members as a group will once per week visit a website address and view 1 video of 15 seconds to 60 seconds for brief announcements of awards and services.  Every 4 weeks a 2 minute video will upload to Youtube which we request members to view, comment, and rate.  Every quarter or 90 days we hold a banquet which is aired live or recorded, edited, and posted to Youtube.

We do these basic steps to generate advertising revenue which is processed into your rewards and benefits program for support of service.  Here is the accumulated math by your support from online sales. 2,500 copies sold should generate $17,500 in capital. 

Purchases should be made collectively every 30 days or once per month.  Each member committed to this format will have invested a maximum of $360 per calendar year or fiscal year.  This ends up being just under a million dollars accrued $900,000.  These revenue's are used to purchase 3 limousine vehicles or vehicle types, a stretch SUV limousine, 1 sedan (lincoln town car type), and 1 SUV converted (Cadillac Escalade, Suburban, Tahoe, Denali, Armada,etc).  The revenues also in percentage are used for one commercial produced  for use of the entire year.

Basic Business Standards
Basically with everyone involved and visiting the websites weekly and making a cd purchase online once per month we generate a revenue base which is used to reward members and build the business.  The visits to the web pages such as Youtube generate additional revenues from other vendors such as Google adsense or local merchants whom sponsor the program.  The Productions or Charles Williams Events also are used to generate revenues to add to the total gross/net income generated.  We developed this formula based on 52 weeks in a year, 100 -110 weekend days per year, 365 days in a year, and special events and dates. 

Overhead is at a minimum and after basic maintenance, refuel, and detailing, a minimum booking required in the limiousine industry based on a 6 hour block of service is $225.  The average patron pays $300+more than they should for limousine service based on the itenorary in general. 

The Only Point is join us in building this business as a whole in its parts and we collectively can build a network that is crafted by the people for the people.