Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dear God of Music

I need a studio which actually produces my start to finish and without complication of poltics, greed, and envy, as I am only trying to express my inner thoughts onto a format which can be viewed by anyone who is interested.

I don't want much actually. Here is how I would like it to go. I have an idea and want to display it under proper recording methods.  I complete the recording and post it for availability. I protect myself in all formats of view so I am listed under publishing, registry, and copy right forums known for such activity to monitor the very thought of sound stemming from my inner mind's spirit and being.

My purpose in life is simplified now due to a returning truth.  Life is as a difficult place for living but easier place for life to live.  I have gotten bored and turned off by all the excess vanity, greed, envy, and the complicated aspects of pretend and facade.  The only lie I will ever except is the first lie in which turned out to be the truth.

written by
charles d williams