Monday, November 12, 2012

Are you practicing healthy economics

Are you practicing healthy economics at this current time and administration? The question is simpler than the thought process used to research and respond with a definitive answer.

The average household of average income under $50,000 in most cases is not conducting a self audit of expenditures nor does it believe it has to. The basic first assumption is "I need more money." The second assumption is "it can't be done." The reality is in the habits, patterns, and protocols used in day to day living.

The family without children should actually incur fewer joint expenses such as housing, Utilities, and insurance policies. The average modern family should naturally incur more but doesn't have to if planned parenthood is functional.

Today's social environments have taken over in areas where expense, participation, networking, budget, entertainment, and revenue accrual have been thought only as individual effort, when in fact if used properly can minimize expenses and grow capital, all from the same place.

The new modern family if creative & visionary can reset the lifestyle expectations of society. The new average household can look something similiar to this household business model used to gauge progress, health, and function.

A family of 4 and up to 7 members have the virtual reality potential earnings of let's say $20,000. If each member represents a day of the week and post to their Virtual Reality Business Social Page (blog) routines such as the family dinner can be reclaimed. Social chores are now in place to continue the interaction lost between elders and growingly hip teens and young adults. Accountability practices including social application contracts and download permissions will replay themselves in the "real world economics & employment" ideals which hold a 95% functionality rate, if not higher in industries such as health, care giving, transportation, construction, and more.

The budget you hold is no different than your governing body. The question this writer poses is do you care enough to review, repair, rewrite, replenish, and repeat the steps taken, the steps involved, or the steps required to protect and serve your immediate primary citizens called family. Will you head your household as a civil union and preserve its liberties of lifestyle and living.