Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dear Government Officials & Philanthropists

My name is not large enough nor are my credentials, however I am in need of correction.  Apparently the belief system I was raised in by all social groups and institutions does not actually count.  I was taught that if I am honest, work hard as I can, and be good to my fellow American, that I would be ok.  I am not certain I actually regret to inform you, but I am regretting believing this system.

The reason I am saying I regret believing this system is due to these truths. I am a male of color, of age, and lacks credentials which validate my worth in the work force.  You say I make too much money or not enough money and continue to decline any attempt to change my life.  The work force of America wants young people or people with 22 BA's,Ma's, and certificates.  I when commit to a company and give them 5+years in service always end up in a position in which my job or department is downsized and shipped TOO FAR AWAY FOR ME TO COMMUTE.  I have been going through this revolving door since 1993 starting with what I believed to be reputable Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

I have a few credit hours and a high school diploma and 20+ years hands on experience in the customer service industry and have made the transition into a sales n service position and business in transportation.  I merely seek to remain productive, up to date, and lawful.  I am the individual whom all tax increases and tax breaks do not benefit due to my income. My family has suffered completely due to my inability to increase the revenue accrual on my part.  The saddest part is I only need to make $2500 per month take home each month.  I have tightened every belt I could find from entertainment expenses to diet,hygene, and even faith based practices.  Right now I am actually 2 documents short of being homeless.  If no one will hire me because of my age, my color, my sex, and my lack of education credentials, what else is there for me to beleive in?

The Texas Workforce Commission denied my claim for receiving unemployment 2 years ago.  My previous employer terminated my employment to minimize having to payout severance to as many employees as possible.  I without my knowledge at the time believed a Human Resources representative pertaining to my return to work from injury (FMLA--Surgery-Torn Achiles) and was terminated upon my return in the name of attendance.
The United Health Insurance company, The Arlington Orthopedic Surgical Staff, and T-mobile USA/Frisco were all in disagreeance as to what and when my return time should be for such an injury.  I followed all steps by my physician and rehabilitation theraphist as well as the human resources department of T-mobile USA for my return to work which ended up in discrepancy by all parties revolving around 14 days.
  In my American mindset I simply said file unemployment, look for work, and return to the workforce, which did not happen.  I then without preparation created myself a position in transportation driving a limousine as a private service.  I only made enough and make enough to buy gas for the next drive.  I have now sought out to educate myself to the next level by taking online classes with the Dallas County Community College District.

I was encouraged by a friend to reapply and attend school using the financial aid and assistance programs available. I through the processes involved was delayed in receiving my aid in time to pay for classes, thus my course sets were dropped for the fall 2012 itnerim.  I am now 2 credit cards in default and 1 car loan balance of $1600 past due from a tote the note car lot. I have nowhere and no one to borrow from.  I have no funds to even promote myself as a small business to gain new clientele. I am stuck and soon this country will either incarcerate me or kill my social security i.d. with a credit death blow, thus adding to the already salted wound.

If we were in court reviewing all the details we would see the entire picture which I submit in summation.  "I am not concerned with me being treated unfarely anymore than I am concerned with being rich.  I am concerned with lineage."  There is more than one entity of this great nation which requires an HONEST update in its policies and in its infrastructure to simply reinforce the right of each citizen to work, to provide, and to protect vested interests of survival in this country.

Texas is an at will state and thus any reason the relationship of employer & employee can be terminated or separated.  The problem growing in size is the use of personal reasons and not business reasons to prevent individuals from maintaining and keeping their financial obligations to the country. 


I have attempted for several years to obtain federal funding to start and maintain a small business.  I have much to learn about politics and more, however, I am smart enough to know people need honesty.  I sought initially the assistance of my local branch of economics by visiting the Chambers of Commerce to find that I need revenue to participate successfully with these entities.  They all have weekly to monthly dues for participating amongst each other.   I technically would need to join three branches which would cost annually up to $4,800 or more.  Yellow pages, traditional flyers, business cards, merchandising, and more would cost a minimum of $38,000 annually to obtain a $100,000 revenue accrual status.

I realize I am in over my head unless I can privatize myself and obtain a clientele base which I  can cater to on the individual basis revolving around 365 days a year as a timeshare like minded entity.  Here's my concept.  There are peak seasons and non peak seasons in Texas.  My peak seasons are March,April,May, OCtober, and November and my Pick Up seasons are January, February, June, December.  Pick up seasons are the 30 day cycles in which anniversaries, birthdays, special events are available to obtain revenue.  The number I am working with is 180 days X $180.00 minimum which generates $32,400 before 20% taxes. The maximum or ceiling on a limousine rental for one 12 hour day max is $575 flat rate.  This places the business model in a 3 fold category near the $100,000 mark.  My goal is to obtain , maintain, and sustain a member base of 575 citizens who annually pay $575 a year for limousine service. 


My demographic I  thought too small and realized what better way to create a future client than by interaction with a school or school district by providing the service.  I developed a scholarship minded program which rewards excelled and improved students.  Each student signs a commitment to excellence in improved education and submit an application fee. These students per six weeks  enjoy the options of the limousine service as we select an alternating tour.  Students and parents have the option of using the service for different after school related programs such as school concerts, games, booster clubs funded trips. 

Professional Organizations can sponsor a vehicle and a specific group or family to share with them the message of hope, faith, and appreciation as we tour the cities delights and wonders we have grown to love and know.

The basics of this business model is to cover the metroplex in renewed thinking by touring the existant businesses large and small so that we all as a city remain encouraged as a community.

Charles Williams