Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Letter for her

Dear Heart, I am broken & battered. Although your words are dear to read, how do I know you are forever. I believe in complete honesty, truth, trust, patience & forgiveness. Things that were oversights. I love to love and embrace life together like a Bonnie n Clyde minded couple. I prefer to show you I love you for you & not society, including your support group. What I need more than anything is for you to know me exactly as I am at my rawest best or worse because if your heart beats for me there, I am empowered by knowing you are real love. Are you real love? A love that money simply can not buy or lease. I need to be able to love us as one as God unconditional at all levels. I want to surprise you in the smallest ways that bare huge impacts. I want to see stars in my mind when you hug me hello or hold my hand. I need you to be eternally in love with me as I am by nature in love with you. You are the very atmosphere I need to survive this world.