Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Freedom Formula Music Creation

This is a simple process in its area of reach and extensions.  There are no rules of engagement.  The lyrics are merely patterned ripples of vibration and sound manifest in a binary code of visual interpretation.  Establish a loop based beat and write freely over it. All pauses, hesitations, esclamations, questions of mark, and points are to be included as abstract enunciations. 

There are no rules of mistakes nor are there protocols of perfection.  Time is not existant nor is expectation. Falsely accused marks of indignation are premature restitutions of illustration. Harmonious debut are flabber when they are ghasted and often times manipulated from paper into plastic. Shop here and be no more afraid than you are weary because the tone and rhythm of your shakes are instant and inclusive.

Dj Hatsim