Friday, November 23, 2012

Applying for Work and Remaining Encouraged

I found myself more than struggling as i ventured off into the self employment arena.  What I learned from the past 2 years is that you really need a following before you get started or be a woman.  There are so many grants which aid women of all types for starting a business.  The thing of it all is regardless of your status one thing is certain.  You need more than money to remain in business.

Well, as it turns out not as many people as I hoped to encounter want to ride in a limousine at an affordable cost other than free, and not as many people as I had hoped to encounter actually throw house parties.  This leads me into my reconnect with improving my mind, my worth, and my lifestyle from looking better on paper.  I thought I would go back to school.  I applied for grants and loans but due to the backlog in the process my approvals came 10 after my deadline to pay for classes.  I had zero dollars to pool from and now feel dumber than when I started. 

Now I am fighting all these emotions and feelings so that I can get refocused and determined to succeed.  Meanwhile I am virtually homeless. I can't pay for anything. I sleep everywhere, eat whenever it's allowed, and clean myself sparingly when people aren't around.  It is what it is. 

I like any other day am searching online for work and employment which will actually hire me to be employed.  I have submitted over 200+resumes in the past 90 days and had only one actual consideration.  I thought surely with someone who can read, write, speak english that I am still of some value.  The frustration of my work search grew because I knew why I needed my schooling to fix how I look on paper. I need credentials. I need certifications. I need tenured accepted thinking of experience which in today's environment of technology requires excellence.

I am writing this not to seek pitty. I am writing this because I am not the only one going through these hard times.  I am a true Texan. My dreams just like my state are huge.  My heart and mind follow. I will not give up because it is not like a Texan to give up.  We may steer wrong here and there attempting to reach our destination, however, we do not give up. Look at our Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans as prime examples.  We at times only miss our goal by inches or one play.  Yet we are always viewed as still in the game.  I am in the game.  What I am not in is the mood to destroy myself from imblanced emotions and thoughts.

Remaining encouraged becomes a priority thought when the holidays are amongst us all.  Trying to live the American dream of holiday feast, fun, and fellowship can steer thinking wrong if we focus on the obvious down of ability be it financial or physical.  I have family and friends.  They are already stretched so I impose as little and humble as possible.  I have a few touchbacks in my game such as snoring, no monies to contribute to bills and utilities, however, I also have a mind, a heart, and wisdom to know I am not young physically as I was when I was 18 years old.

I wrote everyone I could think of and explained my situation. I received $150, which I turned around and gave to my car loan people, to slow down the repo process. I have to think harder is what I am telling myself. Think smarter. Think outside the box. Think man! Think!  What are you not looking at which will bring you out of this slump of financial death and growth you a surplus of your hearts desires?

Lottery. I got to play the lottery!  IF I am at the bottom of the barrel and regardless of what I accumulate in revenue, if the revenue does not meet the need to sustain the lifestyle of standard living, I must then play the lottery and beleive I will win! 

Don't judge me! You're not even broke and you play the lottery because you simply want alot of money! My question to you is do you have an organized business plan which will employ thousands of people or hundreds of people?  I do. I don't want to win the lottery to keep all the money to myself.  I seek to win the lottery because I have a business model which will employ thousands up to millions of people and bring down the unemployment rate. 

The idea is completely simple and effective. It's brilliant. Radiant. This business model will literally refocus the correct attentions of education, inspiration, fellowship, and reinstate even the most disabled of able minds in the country to contribute to the growth and regrowth of this united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

The facts of this business model is people need revenue in and out immediately.  A minimum of rent/mortgage, utilities, food, transportation, insurance for home and health, each are required to minimize stress levels.  Stress speeds up toxins in the body.  Stress clouds judgement more than drugs. Stress is a lead cause in obesity, emotional offsets, and basic hygene.  When one can remove the stress levels of basic day to day out and abouts the balances of chemical nuances inspire the human psyche.

I am not a scientist however, I do believe in the balance of everything and weight of thought.  If one thinks they cannot it is equivelant of see an actual brick wall in front of you enforcing your mind to say we can not get through this wall.   Thought has weight, texture, sound, taste, touch,energy, light, dark, color, vibration, healing, inspiration, and the list continues.  What one thinks of themself is the basis of movement or direction.  If we are a lost people in the abyss of financial responsibility and debt, what is the most important thought we hold each day?

Exactly! We think of something to buy or spend money on.  It's basic programming. The movie Inception has an explanation pertaining to planting an idea into someone's subconscious.  The statement reveals if someone says to you don't think of elephants the very thing you are going to do is think of elephants.  In essence you pretty much cling to the last word of the end point opposed to the complete thought.  My point is actually this one.  The best way to remove debt is to tell myself to think of ways to spend every dime I have. 
What happens in return is the process of thought which says spend everything which should actually prevent one from spending it all because the options and choices surrounding teh amount on where to spend.  I personally believe a formulate command would structure the thoughts and belief of economic spending and duty to be responsible.

Case in point. When a new lottery winner arises on average they are bankrupt simply because they had no actual plan waiting on its opportunity.  Organized thought structured combined with opportunity leads to more good than bad decisions.  Controlled spending with a purposed resolute equates a functionality equal to Wallstreet without the weight of the world's influences of losses and gains. 

I seek to provide the nation and the world a pure entity which cannot be corrupted simply because of its binding properties and protocols of placement spending and management.  This module in essence is designed growth billing reconstruction.  Yep. No acronym on this one.  It being the business module is designed to grow its revenue and in a specific exact amount in per diem format basic living dollars.

Here is how it works.  "Living Here is Investing Here" is the theme of this unit. The unit is an equivelant in square footage as a mall or mega mall.  The paramaters of purpose feed employment genres such as landscaping, concierge, housekeeping, maintenance, eletrical engineering, public speaking, marketing, advertising, security, transportation, sales, and more.

This complex in structure has all the elements of a major mall, a college campus, a downtown, and theme park.  The actual developed concept ensure security for public and private atmospheres pertaining to resident, employment, or event. 

How many communities thought futuristicly and established a theme park, library, movie theatre, miniature golf, bowling alley, skatatorium, and arena all on property of the community.  The average development in america is designed for one individual to make all the revenue.  This thinking has run its course.  What has to be learned from the groups which survived the economics is the powerhouse play of unity or power in numbers. 

Mergers have kept many institutions of all sorts in contingency for growth and propserity.  What we the people must realize is not only is there power in numbers but there is opportunity and accountability as well.  This module will only work because the concept is priority over selfish endeavors of greed and fame. 

The easy resolution would be to walk away and not take it on, allowing all the construction to simply employ others for a one time run as it becomes a ghost town eventually leveled by the city for parking space or reconstruction of their own business adventures. 

The exact details of the model I am proposed is the next level high million dollar concept which requires complete creativity and analytical thinking to sustain as the world continues to change although people don't really change at all.  I could go on and on about this item but quite frankly I don't give a dayum to do it anymore.  I want to succeed for ever more!