Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sinner Saint's "To Answer Your Question"

Sinner Saint's "To Answer your question" was paid for by Broke Inn Records.

The Question
"What is buying a CD from you going to do?"

The Answer
"To answer your question" buying a cd from me is going to do several things.

Inspire    youth participation
Promote youth participation
Balance   youth participation
Generate youth participation
Establish youth participation
Renew     youth participation
Continue youth participation

in & towards the ongoing benefits and rewards of small business ownership, duties, actions, beliefs, and reflection.

A small business generates more than revenue. A small business generates fellowship amongst a community. Barbershops, salons, diners, retail shops, even banks, have all had a part in the network of dialogue in your community.

A small business brings balance or counterweight to a community. Small businesses can make faster decisions by not being slown down by ascension or ranked personnel. A small business can lend a helping hand where possibly a large corporation says its hands are tied. A mom & pop may extend to you breaks and discounts which are not advertised or published.

Whether it inspires, renews,continues, and promotes the much needed success of the small business its main goal is investing in community. A community without youth participation has a higher percentage in losing its regenerative properties.

Will you be a part of the solution today? We need you today. We need you tomorrow. We need you before now.
Hamilton Park Legacy
"Continuing In The Spirit"