Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Choice My Result

This post is completely personal. The details of this post are not necessarily sequenced for clarity or story telling. The approach is one of dialogue from me to The Most High to state where I see fault in me under my own free will to choose a high and hard road or a low and easy road. #MyDivineRightOfConsult

*blocking out all influences non supporting of the truth in love as you spoke in order for my strength in your word, your presence, your grace and mercy, your power throughout existance and the supernatural of eternity and beyond which strengthens my confidence in my preference in choosing to keep sacred the divine knowledges of alpha, omega, time, and when time does not exist, so that on Earth as it is in Heaven walks me through in absolute clarity & obedience, as submission to your will as my righteous mind Carries not the desire for self worships of vanity, because you are my exact point of return throughout all transitions of energy and light which bless me in your ordinances and laws.

My Religion is "Eternal Life" living
My Spirit is Minister
My God is The Most High
My doctrine is The Word from God
My belief is in God's Word as God is
My family is the church
My love of family is the faith

"I follow my lead in him before any attempt to lead others, as the path chosen should be the path in his wisdom as the world holds all entities agreeable and disagreeable."

"The truth in the spirit does abide by the laws and protocols of the infrastructures within the power of The Spirit."

Humanity beacons verbally & non the absolutes of sanctuary from lowest to highest decrees of light and vibration