Thursday, January 31, 2013

Process of Elimination?

Looking Looking Still Looking

It's out here somewhere. I know it is. If I can just get my hands on it everything will be ok.
This is standard thought for millions and thousands of citizens today who are only seeking the basics. The resolution to this is somewhat elusive but still possible at any given moment. The storms be they natural to economical are upon us all as we anticipate a change to overcome.

What can one individual do to succeed in the quest to overcome. Do pushups! Believe it or not there is documentation to support the claim.
A male has to search for employment. The search process is a job in itself consisting of traditions, innovation, creative thinking, presentation, and effective short term long term results.

4:00am he awakens to a new word of the day, a cold shower, protein shake, breathing exercises, jumping jacks & pushups, followed up with stretching and this is all before sitting at the work station to begin the search process.

The process consists of resume building, industry fact finding, bless you notes, and expressions awareness.

Resume Building
Build each themed industry standard resume involving all strong points of your abilities and experience. Build 2 to 3 a day up to 30 maximum. No more than 45 minutes each day.

Fact Finding
Research each industry for key points which provide you short facts used for a response to industry standard questions. Do not in use pretend you are more than you actually are as it will lead to more detailed questioning, thus revealing your weakness which can lessen your chances. 20 minutes to 30 minutes for one industry.

Bless You
Write a paragraph of thanks each day up to 30 days. State your appreciation relevant to the employer or industry you seek to engage in relationship. If you are pledging a bottled water company you will craft your word choices to represent you & the company as a union and strength.
"The job market has many citizens thirsting for strength and balance to the economy." The key here is simplicity. The truth is simpler.

What's that face?
The number one automatic death blow is facial expression. Here is the killer part. You really have an opportunity here to enhance your ability to convey confidence, strength, Co-operation, attentive listening skills, and peace under chaos or high level stress environments.
Stand in front of the mirror and change faces. Exaggerate each expression. Once completed splash your face in cold water.
Now get your video camera and look straight into the camera and hit record. Stare directly into the camera for 7 straight minutes.
Now do it again, but think to yourself power words such as Awesome, Fantastic, Welcome, Perfect, in preparation to answering the questions.

Interview Scenarios

Interviewer: What brought you to our company today?
Response: Excellence. I pride myself on strength and growth. My research shows "Name of Employer" is highly likely to match my positioning.

Intvwr: What position is that, may I ask?
Response: Absolutely. My position is simple. I love when I grow. How I handle it all and still smile inside. Growth.

Pop Quiz Type questions
In one word: Decisive
Weakness: cheesecake
Strength: Communications
In 5 years: Savings
In 10 years: 2 vacation albums

What do you prefer, married or single?
Singley married.

Describe an incident where you had to be decisive.
   Starting a limo agency and selecting a demographic most compatible and suiting to fleet.

How do you see yourself?
   I am the best candidate for grooming results. Your professional trainers will delegate the accompaniment and decisive path to excellence. 

Power Prep Talk
I am forthcoming in secured communications as also I am wise in open forum of information exchanges. I am the new employee model. Results refine reactions.