Sunday, February 17, 2013


My words have been very personal here lately as my passion for knowing I am the truth in all that I encompass has led me to know people in a different light opposed to the shine they believe they walk under. Thus I needed to visit the Arlington Improv in The Highlands this past Saturday night showing. Sean Patton was the main act but it was Tim who broke me out of my upsetedness. I ordered 2 strawberry daquiri's ($8 each), and Loaded Nachos($9.99 should have read the menu closer--i wanted beef on my nachos) and caught a buzz during the show.
I did not drive off once I stepped into my vehicle. I sat in the car, turned it on, turned up the thermostat, laid my head back, adjusted my duffle bag, and probably sat about an hour without realizing it. I was not happy about my reactions and responses to a person I care for but refuse to bend over for simply because I am in transition from being the old me.
Regardless of these posts I am simply seeking the better me. The best working me, the better financial me, the best psychological me, the better spirited me, I am seeking my best within myself.  I have to remain logical at all times and frugal in my word choice as well as partnerships as my time here is limited. 

Dhats All